The dietary guide to the salt-free diet

4 tips for starting a salt-free diet

1. Understand where the salt is hiding

80% of the salt consumed is hidden in the diet . In fact, salt is always found where you least expect it and appearances are sometimes deceiving.
the bread , for example, is the number one contributor of salt in the diet with 25% of the daily intake . Do not hesitate to ask your baker to prepare bread without salt, most bakers offer it to order.
Also avoid, of course, cold cuts and cheeses.
Also beware of false friends such as seafood which is naturally very salty, just like some sweet biscuits , which can sometimes be as salty as canned supermarket food.

2. Empty your kitchen

Start with a little spring cleaning by emptying the cupboards of salt shakers, sauces, preserves, cold meats, cheeses, prepared meals, etc., that are heavily salted.

This operation must be quick and radical! As with any diet, the hardest part is getting started, but after 2 to 3 weeks your palate will have adapted and you will no longer feel the lack of salt.

3. Make your “grocery fund”

Buy spices (curry, Espelette pepper, cumin, fennel, etc.), spice mixes without salt , good quality pepper, fresh or frozen herbs (coriander, thyme, parsley, chives, tarragon), salt-free cooking broths .

Buy balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lemon and white wine! If there's a tip to remember: vinegar and cider are excellent flavor enhancers and very good substitutes for salt.
Season, spice up, spice up, dare… That's the secret!

4. Speak with your merchants

You don't like white bread without salt, so ask your baker to add cereals, sesame or poppy seeds to give a little more flavor. Your butcher will prepare salt-free stuffing, even paupiettes and sausages.

Where can I find suitable products?

Whether we like to cook or not, there are basic products that we like to use to accompany our meals. The mustard , the mayonnaise , ketchup , sauces etc…. These products found on the market are very salty and salt-free versions are rare. Fortunately, there is an online store which includes more than 200 adapted references on a low-sodium diet, from aperitif to dessert, for those who like to cook or not at all!
There are also ready meals which heat up in 2 minutes in the microwave, very practical on the go, or for lunch at work!