The dietary guide to the salt-free diet

I take cortisone

Some chronic diseases require prolonged use of corticosteroids. The key is the risk of adverse effects such as weight gain, swelling of the face, fragility of the bones (osteoporosis).

1. Reduce salt 🧂

In the kidneys, cortisone retains sodium and eliminates potassium, causing an overload of water and sodium.

2. Decrease sugar consumption 🍬

Taking cortisone increases cravings for sweets and can induce diabetes or glucose intolerance.

3. Limit fat intake 🍩

Taking cortisone promotes the development of fat in the upper part of the body.

4. Increase protein intake 🥩

Cortisone causes muscle wasting. Also practice regular physical activity to maintain the muscles.

5. Increase calcium intake 🥛

At the bone level, corticosteroids accelerate bone loss and reduce bone formation capacity. The risk of fracture is therefore higher.

Cortisone - salt-free diet